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Briefly about the main points

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies have serious prospects in medicine.Well-known examples of this application in X-ray diagnosticsimages or diagnosis of skin diseases, histology, etc. This branchis developing very quickly and many interesting innovations are waiting for us soon.

In this project, the main emphasis is on the use of AI capabilitiesto assess the patient's complaints. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the routine work of the doctor in the early stages of diagnosis.

AI does not know fatigue, and in some areas of medicine its capabilities exceed the capabilities of humans. The fact that AI is constantly "learning" is important. What he can do today cannot be compared to what he can do tomorrow.

Its capabilities allow you to automate the initial assessment of patient complaintsand determine the probable belonging of these complaints to the competence of one or another specialist. What's more, AI can recommend the next steps needed for diagnosis, for example, to offer a typical list of studies, which the doctor will need or suggest the nearest clinic where there are suchexperts.

Find out about the specialty of the doctor and find a clinic - immediately!

If you are a doctor and you are interested in using technology in your work, we invite you to cooperate. For detailed information, go to by reference link.

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