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Prediction of possible heart disease

The probability of developing Heart failure: %

Indicator Amount
Blood pressure
Chest pain
Angina tension
Resting ECG
ST-segment slope
ST segment depression
Heart rate
Blood glucose


According to WHO, cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the main cause ofdeaths all over the world, and they rank first among all causesmortality. Every year they take almost 18 million lives. Four out of 5 deathsfrom CVD as a result of heart attacks and strokes, and one third of thesedeaths occur prematurely among people under the age of 70. Heart failure (HF) is the result of the progression of CVD.

Heart failure is the inability of the heart to pump blood effectively,to ensure a sufficient level of blood circulation in all systems and organs.Medicine is well-known for signs that may indicate the possibility of developmentHF..

Artificial Intelligence technologies allow effective analysis of such signs and predict the probability of disease development. People who suffering from SSN or those who fall into the risk group due to the presence of provoking factors (hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, etc.),require immediate use of medical measures. Early detectionsuch patients allows to reduce the risk of developing serious complications and inArtificial Intelligence will undoubtedly come to the doctor's aid.

For analyze the condition and forecast such indicators:.

1. Age of the patient (number of complete years)

2. Patient's gender (male, female)

3. Character of chest pain (typical angina pectoris, atypical angina pectoris, non-cardiac pain, no pain)

4. Indicator of systolic blood pressure at rest (mm Hg)

5. Blood serum cholesterol level (mmol/L)

6. Fasting blood glucose level (more than 6.7 mmol/l, less than 6.7 mmol/l)

7. ECG results at rest (Normal, ST-T abnormalities, Signs of hypertrophyleft ventricle)

8. Maximum achieved heart rate (Numerical value from 60 to 202)

9. Angina tension (Yes: No)

10. ST depression caused by exercise, compared to the condition rest (numerical value)

11. Slope of the peak ST segment during physical exertion (Elevation, Depression, Horizontal)


Please note that the data format requirements must be followed. In particular, the number of completed years is indicated in the (Age) column, for example: 62; Systolic blood pressure indicator - numerical value, for example: 185; Serum total cholesterol level - mmol/l, eg: 6.2 (separate numbers with a dot); ST depression caused by physical activity - a numerical indicator, for example: 1.4 (divide the numbers dot"; Maximum HR (heart rate), for example: 135

As you can see, assessing the likelihood of developing the disease in the first placeis based on ECG readings. This means that in order to use thisOnly a medical worker can enter correct information to the service. Accuracy the forecast is 91 percent, which is quite enough for monitoringtarget group. This service can be useful, for example, for familiesto the doctor in his daily work.

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The service was created on the basis of a dataset in which the results of studies of 1000 cardiological patients were used.