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Acute cerebrovascular accident, or - Stroke. Dramaticviolations that in a matter of minutes lead to irreversible changes in the mainof the brain, and in the worst case, to death. More details youlearn about Stroke by doing this link.

This is one of those prime cases where prevention is much easier than cure.So, it is necessary to focus on factors that may indicate a high Risk of Stroke. You can read about it at site.

Of course, only a neurologist can professionally assess all the risks. Butin most cases, it is up to the patient to limit the negativefactors that bring the catastrophe closer. About these factors and their negativethe impact on health is well known - smoking, stress, obesity, lifestyleetc.

Together, they create the probability of a state when it can happen Stroke. More than 5,000 were analyzed to assess this risk clinical cases and created a special test based on Artificial Intelligence that calculates the probability of developing a Stroke in a patient. The accuracy of the forecast is 95 percent.

Interpretation of the result. If there is no risk, you will get the result - Probability of stroke: 0 percent. In other cases, the probability of risk in percent. Very rarely the percentage is above 30, but it means serious the risk of starting a Stroke, that needs your attention! It should be noted that this test is published for scientific purposes and cannot be used for establishing a diagnosis.


Please note that the data format requirements must be followed.In particular, "Weight" should be indicated in kilograms, for example: 72, "Height" - in centimeters, for example: 175, average Blood glucose level - mmol/l, separating the numbers with a dot, for example: 6.6

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