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A few words about how to use this resource.

Any desktop or smartphone user gets the opportunity to describe his complaints and get information about which medical specialty they belong. In addition, the system immediately offers the nearest clinic, where there is a suitable specialist. The location of the user is determined automatically (with his consent), and then, using ML Education is determined by the nearest medical institution.

The user receives details of their last request. Becomes accessible link to an interactive map, where the nearest one is visualizeda clinic, based on the user's location and several nearby pharmacies,where you can buy the necessary medicines. Also, indicated indicativedistance between user and clinic.

To search for medical facilities, an up-to-date database of 8180 clinics is usedand 11,600 pharmacies on the territory of Ukraine. We hope for the initiative of the ownersprivate medical institutions that are willing to provide their contacts availableto search. To do this, please send information by e-mail:

Using the resource does not provide for user registration.

To create a request, you need to list your complaints and symptoms. Choose from the menu - Ask me. The key "Find out the answer" allows view the results of processing the last request, as well as when needs displays an interactive map indicating your location and locations of the clinic where the specialist you need is available. When forming a request(Ask me), after indicating the complaints, you choose a question from two options: "Find out the doctor's specialty" or "Find out specialty and find the nearest clinic". In the latter case, it is necessary allow the browser to determine geolocation (the system will ask you for this) Otherwise, only the service of determining the doctor's specialty will remain available.

In the current version of the program (V.3), the clinic selection algorithm provides removal of no more than three available medical facilities where medical services are provided services in accordance with the proposed medical specialty. In addition you can see the location and phone numbers of several pharmacies, the closest located to the user. Currently according to the results of the analysis complaints program identifies one most relevant specialty, but sometimes, symptoms can be interpreted ambiguously. Then for differential diagnosis can be offered by two medical specialties.

Some practical tips to help users.

Neural networks were trained on fairly long texts (minimum 2-3 sentences), therefore, for a high-quality result, it is necessary to avoid very short questions. In such cases, you may be asked to contact the family the doctor.

The system understands both Ukrainian, Russian and English languages. You are to receive answers you can ask any of these questions languages. The beginning was carried out on a bilingual dataset with a proportion of 70 and 30 percent. Unfortunately, there are currently no other data, it is used that what can be found on the Internet. The system learns and will use laterfully more than three languages, including other languages.

WARNING! If an error occurs in the site after creating a request, try to repeat your question in another language or paraphrase it.

Try to avoid mistakes in the text. Although in the process of learning real texts were used, including those with errors, all the same a better result will be with a minimum number of grammatical errors. Also, for more correct answers, you can paraphrase and ask your question again.

We recommend using voice input when asking questions.

Then the accuracy of the answers will be significantly higher and you will also use the application is more convenient. The application is waiting for you to describe your complaints - what bothers you, where it bothers you, and not a question of the type - find it..., where is it located... etc.

The program offers to find the nearest clinic that meets the conditions. This means that the required reference point is your location. People with elevated anxiety may prohibit the browser from determining geolocation. In such a for now, you will only receive recommendations according to the doctor's specialty.


If you wish, you can view the results of the clinic search on the interactive cards. To do this, in the Find out the answer section, press the key Look on the map. The current location of the user is shown there - blue marker with Man. The nearest clinic with a specialist is dark redmarker - N. Several alternative medical facilities satisfying the requestusers - pink markers + . The closest ones are marked with green markers to the user of the pharmacy - A.

Please note, that the program is in the testing stage and therefore a certain percentage of false positives is expected. You can't use this service instead of consulting your doctor.